Monday, February 16, 2015

Grant wishing he had watched more BYU Basket Ball

Subject: I wish I had watched more BYU basket ball before the Mission

*If you have not read the title I would recommend giving it another look. For all future missionaries reading this...this may or may not be good information.

Easily, the most exciting thing that happened this week was a text from President Roney (for those of you who don't know President Roney is my Mission president. He is also the owner of Newskin if any of you know what that is). Our text said "Go to this address and get Brandon Davies number for me" with an address at the bottom.

 Holy Cow we were excited!  

Immediately we took off towards the address. We were expecting to find an apartment complex or even some small houses. What we got was the Chalon Basketball stadium. We walked all around the stadium trying to find a way in. It was mid-day and literally no one was outside the stadium. 

After our first one and half trips around the stadium we saw a nice looking lady walk into a set of double doors. We followed her through and discovered a small looking front desk with a rather grumpy old women. We asked her if she knew who Brandon Davies was and her response was a mix between a MM-HMM and a UH-UHH. So Elder Duckworth pulled the "were american" card and she told us to go around the outside of the building to door 8.

So off we went! Half way around we noticed a skinny guy in gym shorts with a basket ball open a door and go into the building. He didn't go into door 8 but he looked like a basketball player! So when we got to the door we poked our heads in. It was a dark room and smelled like sweat. We took about two steps in before we heard a SLAM! Yes the door behind us shut. Yes the door behind us locked. So you have two american missionaries in what turned out to be the locker room for the basketball players. I wasn't scared, I felt completely fine until Elder Duckworth said "Crap, we are definitely going to go to jail if we get caught!" That sure didn't set off an alarm in my head! About ten seconds after he said that the locked door opened and guess who stepped through? A MASSIVE 7ft tall white guy! My first thought was "OH NO SECURITY FOUND US!" but then he walked right by us....

A little surprised; but I mustered all the strength and confidence that I had built from personal study this morning and asked him if he knew how to get to the front desk in French. He turned around, with took about Three and a half seconds because he was HUGE. He looked at us and said "look y'all, I don't speak french. Can you speak English?" OH if that wasn't a relief! after we explained who we were and how we got stuck here he gave us directions to the front desk! Turns out his name is Scott and he is super nice! :D

On our way to the front desk we heard some Basketballs bouncing. And we took a peak in through another set of doors only to find THE BASKETBALL COURT! We wandered through and saw a couple people shooting around getting warmed up. We asked someone in the stands what was going on and he said that practice was going to start. That was great news! We found the portal entrance thing where the basket ball players came through to get onto the court and picked the seats closest to it. After a few minuets some more basketball players wandered through. They all waved at the people sitting in the stands before stepping on to the court. We waited for a few minuets like that and Elder Duckworth pointed out that we only had a few minutes left until we had to leave to get to our next appointment. The thought running through my head was "darn, we wasted all this time trying to get to Brandon and we won't even be able to talk to him!" Well sometimes the lord works in mysterious ways. 

And sometimes he doesn't. Literally right after my companion pointed that out MR. Tall, Dark, and Ready to play Basketball walked through the player entrance! He gave the audience a good wave and then looked at us. And got a HUGE smile! After a few seconds of awkward silence he put his baskeball down and said "Are you going to say something? Or just let the tags do all the talking?"  That got us laughing! We hopped out of our chairs and went up to greet him. We introduced ourselves and explained what we were doing. We told him we missed him at church the other week and he said something about having an extra early morning practice for losing the last game. We told him we had to go and thanked him for his time. We also asked him for his phone number so that President Roney could get in contact with him. He asked for a pen and some paper and I handed him my planner and a pencil. Yes, I got an autograph(see attachment below). Before we left we thanked him and as I went to shake his hand I realized he had a hand the size of a Small Planet! His hand DEVOURED my hand. I think I lost contact with my hand for at least ten seconds after that! 
Walking out of the stadium me and Elder Duckworth were both just going crazy! We were so excited to have met Brandon Davies! 

The week was pretty good missionary wise! We got some sweet new investigators and I learned A Lot from my exchange with the zone leaders! I hope you all had a great week!

Love from Elder Keller

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