Monday, February 23, 2015

Mission letter from Grant

Yes indeed Chalon is having a Carnival! I uploaded a picture of the confetti that the parade dumped ALL over the streets(yes, the names of the shops here are a bit odd). It has been a little rainy the past couple days so I hope to get some sweet pictures of the Carnival for you guys next week. 

This week we had a zone conference and President Roney let us watch Meet the Mormons! That wasn't missionary work, that was missionary FUN! That little quote has been what Elder Duckworth says when things are hard. For instance, we were contacting people the other day and we got a very good look at an old ladies middle finger and Elder Duckworth said "this isn't missionary work, its missionary FUN!" 

Beaune (pronounced "bone" like the white things inside your body), is a very pretty city just right outside of Chalon. It is in our sector so we figured it would be nice to go and contact some people up there. Well turns out Beaune is the Heart of the French wine industry and every other person that we contacted asked us if we had tasted the wine yet. It gave us many opportunities to Teach the Word of Wisdom; some people thought that that made us very interesting, others not so much. Our coolest contact in Beaune was this guy wearing all Lakers gear. Jersey, Hat, Shoes, the works! We have found that people wearing clothes that support sports teams are usually the easiest to start a conversation with because you just ask them how their team is doing and they just start talking for years! Anyways this guy we contacted his name Swan! And he said that he wanted to see us again, so that was really cool. He also said that he has looked into a lot of religions searching for the truth so we are hoping to set up a rondez-vous with him.

The work here is moving along. 

Service! We got to go help a member move a rock statue into his house yesterday! Its the first service we have really got to preform for someone in a while so it felt good to get out and assist him.

Super cool teaching moment! We teach an English class here every week and one of the people in the class, Fred, asked about our religion! Fred came to English class to learn English and nothing else and so when he started asking questions about the church and why we were called Mormons it was a great opportunity to share! It really makes me happy when someone has a genuine interest in our gospel! It didn't seem like Fred wanted to go to church the next day or anything but we hope that over time he will come around to asking more about us and maybe even taking the lessons!

We got a less active to church! HOLY GUAC_A_MOLEY that was exciting! He has been a less active for a little over ten years and do you know how we got him to church? We sent him a text the night before that said "hey, we hope to see you at church tomorrow". And he came! We have a rondez-vous with him on wednesday and we really just can't...well, I can't wait to see him. He runs marathons and is into running. 

Je vous aime tous! (pronounced" ju voo-zem too" translated "I love you all")

Gardez votre foi! (pronounced "gardey vow-tra fwah" translated "keep your faith")

Elder Keller

 all the confetti from the festival

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