Monday, February 2, 2015

Letter from grant - out 4 months

Today has been exciting! I got to help elder Perry leave. It was sad. I really grow to love Elder Perry, even with his uniquenesses(dad, is this a word?). I believe that what I learned with Elder Perry will influence me the rest of my mission.

This week was special! First off Stevens family, the Garniea ( pronounced gar-knee-ay) family, let us come in and do a family home evening with them! That was SUPER  COOL! Elder Perry and I played some hymns on the guitars and we were all just talken and being friendly. Eventually we asked if they had read the book of Mormon at all and Madame Garniea said that she hadn't found time too;but wanted us to share a story from the book of Mormon. did prayers just get answered? I think so! We read them some stories from the Blue book and had a prayer, AS A WHOLE FAMILY. If that wasn't just the most exciting thing! Afterwords Steven was reading the book before we left so I hope, and pray, that he reads more of it!

We did in fact run in 0 degree weather this week! It was even snowing! woo

Another step back this week was with Katy Berry. She came to church today! woo! and while at church, during gospel principles class, she opened up her catholic prayer book instead of the hymn book. Yes that is right, our investigator thought she could find Mormon hymns in her Catholic Prayer book. Elder Perry explained to her that the book she was holding was only used by Catholics. Katy Berry's response was " you guys aren't catholic"? 
Elder Perry sighed and in English said "we spent our first 5 lessons explaining that, 5 lessons! how many times do I have to explain this!" (he may or may not have gotten enough sleep last night because of packing. We have been actively teaching Katy for 4 months...But looking up! Us and some of the ward fasted for her. We fasted hoping that her relationship with her kids gets better. I think she felt the power that came with that.

We got to visit Fran├žis this week! That was nice! He wants to keep meeting with us! Apparently he has been stressed out with his book lately and trying to get it published and that has consumed most of his time.

Elder Duckworth. I have spent 3 hours with him, so far. He is pretty quiet, doesn't say a lot, hasn't laughed yet, hasn't cried yet either soo...
From what I have gotten to know he is a pretty down to earth kinda guy and likes football. He is excited to meet Brandon Davies and Fr. Dougy.

Elder Keller OUT

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