Wednesday, March 11, 2015

24 weeks out, 18 weeks in France

Subject: I still can't believe it.

So since I have been companions with Elder Duckworth he has always said "work hard during the week and people just show up at church asking to be baptized". Obviously  I didn't believe him. Yet, clearly I am wrong. This week was a hard working week since we have had less lessons with our investigators; so that means more time out contacting and going door to door. We want to start this thing called "Getting Jerseys" basically its when you get someones name and number! We got six Jerseys this week! That is like six potential investigators! Anywho, we worked hard and got some Jerseys but didn't really commit anyone to coming to church. But, a young couple, in their twenties, just showed up to church yesterday with one of the less actives in the ward. The less active brought them because the young couple wanted to find a church in which they could raise their kids in. They want their children to have "faith" and hope in something. Well, I am no expert but boy do we have a message for you! So that was pretty sweet!

We are going to play basketball with Justinian today! This will be the first time in 5 weeks. Wow. We are really excited to see him though! and the less active who brought the young couple to church said he might come play some ball with us! 

Elder Duckworth was sick on Friday. That was my first experience taking care of a sick elder. We only got to go out side for an hour or two but when we did go outside it was like Heavenly father just put every single person we had ever talked to out with us! Okay, we hop on the bus at our stop. We went down one stop and an old potential investigator got on the bus! We ran up (okay not really ran up, I mean we are on a bus) and started asking how she was doing! Elder Duckworth doesn't know her since it was Elder Perry and I who contacted her, but we started talking to her and unfortunately she wasn't to interested in learning about church but she did say she would come to "Soir Famillial" or family night tonight! Go down another stop. Another old potential investigator got on the bus! Its like we are taking the magic school bus. We talked to him for a bit but until he, unfortunately, excused himself at the next stop. But the stop that he got off was the stop that a Less active got on! So we asked how she was doing and tried to fix a day that we could pass by her house.

I know the lord blesses those who work hard. I know the lord blesses us when we pray. I know that being a missionary is SUUUPER fun! I love you guys and hope that you all have wonderful weeks!

Elder Keller

Pictures! the pictures of the crown. There is this game where the baker of a cake puts a little baby jesus in side the cake. the cake cooks, you serve the cake. Whoever gets baby jesus is crowned "king" for the day. We played it at a members house. Joy.

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