Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Grant's letter March 2, 2015

I feel really fat. This week we ate dinner at members houses 4/7 nights and a really nice member dropped goose off for dinner on Sunday. This is like the best branch to have ever existed.

We spent a lot of time out contacting this week! We had Fifty seven conversations about the gospel. That is 8 more conversations than I have ever had! We fixed almost ten appointments with people but no one showed. Honestly it was kinda hard having so many meetings fall through and by the end of the week I felt like we had wasted a lot of time. But the lord blessed us! Our work did not go unnoticed.

 This entire transfer Elder Duckworth and I take two prayers aside just to ask Heavenly Father if he will give us people to teach to grow this branch. The branch hasn't seen any new members in over a year and you can feel the affects of that on the branch. But yesterday we had a super cool miracle happen! Half way through church an older couple, grand parent age, and their thirty five year old daughter walk into the building! They are moving here from another city in France! All three of them are investigators from a ward down in Axon-Provonce. The mother is scheduled to be baptized in our branch on the 7 of march! The Husband said he still has some things he wants to work on before he gets baptized and this was the daughters first experience with the church! HOLY GUACAMOLEY! If I have learned anything in this branch it is that the power of prayer is SOOO real and SOOO applicable in our lives! 

Jesus gave a parable about a man who goes to his neighbors house looking for bread in the middle of the night. The man continues to knock on his neighbors door until his neighbor opens and gives him bread. At the end of the parable Jesus explains that if we knock we will receive. Talmage clearly explains that if we continue in constant prayer eventually the lord will open his door and give us what we want. As long as it is good ;) This was made clear to me and Elder Duckworth as we asked the lord twice a day to give us people to grow this branch. And like the sleepy neighbor who eventually gives bread to the wanting man, the lord provided. I can not tell you how excited the entire branch was. One of the members, through tears, said (and this is directed at the new investigators) "After talking to you for five minuets I feel like I have known you forever". I am so grateful to be here in Chalon and to watch the lord unfold this miracle. I know that the lord has helped us every step of the way and we owe it all to him. He is blessing this young branch with wonderful new people who are already fostering strong testimonies. I know the power of prayer is real and that our God is a God of mercy; he loves his children and he loves us even more when we talk to him on our knees.  I love this Branch and I love the missionary work...oh, Missionary FUN! :D

So about the title... During our contacting this week we ran into Brandon Davies, his wife and her parents! WAHOO! we got to talk for a while and Brandon's mother in law offered to take pictures of us and send them to our parents! So hopefully mom has gotten that and can attach the photo to this email :) It was a fun little experience and really lightened our day! and even better, BRANDON DAVIES GAVE US CHURROS!!! yes, we got fed by a famous basketball player ;)

This week was hard, feet hurt, legs hurt, we were worn out, but it was sooooooo worth it! 

Elder Keller

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