Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Week two in Rodez

Subject: Bonjour tout le monde

Week two in Rodez was Sic! Mainly because I wasn't in Rodez for half the week but in Toulouse!(yes Hunter, Toulouse is a city not a music artist; there are plenty of masks though) I was doing a special exchange with the Chinese elders! Yes, I got to teach 8 chinese people! Chinese people are literally the coolest thing of my life! All the Chinese people we taught are from hong kong and took 8 years of english. They are here in France going to business schools. They are literally just smiling ALL the TIME! Josh is going to love it(For everyone who doesn't know Josh, Josh is one of my friends back home who got called to Hong Kong! he is a lucky man)! To open each lesson, to break the ice, we would play a few games of ping pong (I am sure josh is just freaking out right about now(Josh loves ping pong)) We had to teach super simply for most of the chinese investigators because they really don't have any christian base. The chinese missionaries teach the three main lessons in Preach my Gospel just way differently. For instance, our first lesson with Zhao(the kid who is in the picture with me) we explained the Bible. Where it came from. What it talks about. The next lesson we explained who Jesus was. His atonement, why that is important. How to use it. Zhao was super receptive! He loved talking to us! Like I already said, Josh is a lucky guy!

The rest of the week can be summed up with district meeting and continuing to teach madam Gil! She is getting really integrated into the branch now! Almost the entire branch of 25 people have had her at their house! She just invited everyone(like the whole branch) to go and eat at her house for a saturday session of conference! 

Norrick, our other progressing investigator has been good and keeping commitments. But a little flaky on coming to church and with meeting times. But I guess that's the life of a missionary.

I love you all! 

Elder Keller

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