Tuesday, March 17, 2015

first transfer for Grant

Elder Keller had his first transfer Monday.  We were happy to hear from him yesterday, even though he does seem a bit tired in his letter and it gets worse in my letter!  But I wanted to add a little bit of my letter that he sent to me.  (it's at the end)  I thought I'd share it because I have loved seeing him grow, not only in the Gospel, but within himself.  Its been a  wonderful blessing to have him in our lives as a missionary.  : )

Subject: Rodez!!!!!!

So, yesterday I spent 12 hours on a train and two hours on a bus. wow. Hence the late email. I have been sent to the city of Rodez! Its presidents favorite city. Apparently, he baptized the very first person in this branch after having 20 investigators at church. I mean not at church, his appartment.

There isn't a branch here yet, we share with the branch in alby. but they are getting a building here this summer! Super sweet! I hope I can stay for a while. 

My new companion. Boy, when I found out he was German I immediately threw a happy fit! He KNOWS HOW TO COOK SAUSAGE!? wow! His name is elder Gossel! and do you know who is last companion was? Elder Smith from the MTC! so thats been fun! although, elder gossel does not eat lots of food. For dinner, a half a bowl of pasta; for breakfast, one packet of oatmeal; for lunch today, couscous. I might starve to death, or get that european bodAYY! hahaha He does make really good food though! 

So when getting off of the train here the first person I met was this man named Mark. Elder Gossel said "we have an ami here who wants to see you" and before I could brace myself this 5'8 big ol iraqian man came up and hugged the life out of me. Mark is literally the happiest person I have ever met! He just loves everyone! He wanted to see elder Smith off and greet the new missionary here so he spent 25 euros to take the train to Toulouse to come and pick me up.... 

Anyways, thats like all I can think of for now. I am a bit tired and the guy next to me at this internet cafe is blasting metal music out of his headphones and it makes it kinda hard to think. good thing that wasn't a run on.

Love you all! 

Elder Keller

Hunter wrote me, yey! I am super excited that hunter is going to Honduras! haha he is going to love it! I feel that for a mission to be successful, or, for you to stay out on a mission you really have to be 100 percent committed and he sounds excited and ready. I remember the first couple days, maybe even the first week thinking " what am I even doing here" and then I found something to fuel my desire, or I found my desire somewhere. I found love for that investigator at the mtc. I LOVED zach. More than elder Brill. and all the sudden it made sense. I am on a mission to give these people the gospel and since then I haven't doubted or asked "why am I here". 

You would love Rodez. Its the prettiest place in the WORLd! it reminds me of that house on the hill scripture! 

Prayer, it really works. It is like a sand timer thing. the ones that you turn upside down and the sand begins to fall. every time you pray about this thing it is like a grain or two of sand. It takes lots of prayers to build up a worthy little pile. Its easier when two or three people are praying for the same thing. Chose something specific. and Pray. :) I know this is true because everytime I have done this it has worked. 

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