Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Sorry for the weird timing of my emails... from Grant

With paque(easter) everyone in France decided to take monday off so all of the internet cafés were closed....I hope no one freaked out or called the mission office.

The highlight of this week would have been conference and my exchange with the zone leaders! 

For conference we went to a members house with an investigator. We watched conference in english because both the investigator and member want to learn english! However, our member got "tired" after three sessions.... so he kicked us out. So I have not seen any of sunday's sessions...Not really 100percent sure what we are going to do. We might try and go over to the members house later this week.

Exchanges! I got to go on exchange with elder Mcbeth(i think thats how it is spelled). I really enjoyed doing missionary work with Mcbeth in Toulouse! We got to meet a member family and give them cookies! They were so excited to see us. At one point the members asked us if we could help find the missionaries that baptiezed them. Fun right? Horible idea. We hopped on their computer, punched in the elders name, and found his picture! We pulled the picture up, it was him holding a book he anti mormon book. The member was just heart broken. She grabbed the mouse and scrolled down to read the article further. He is very anti against the church. Elder Mcbeth and I just kinda looked at eachother really sheepishly. Neither of us knew what to say! After a few seconds of silence the member said "he may have lost his testimony; but I know the church is true and him not being a member isn't going to change me!" If that wasn't the perfect reaction to a bad situation I don't know what is. To stand by your faith and hold fast to what you know. I don't know if this single instance strengthened my testimony more this week or if it was General Conference. Both are pretty close :) 

We are getting our transfer calls a week early. So by the end of next week I can tell Y'all if I am staying or going. :)
avec lamour (with love)

Elder Keller

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