Tuesday, April 14, 2015

letter from grant: week 27

Subject: Transfer calls this Friday?

This week we found three ami's that really seem interested and could easily progress towards baptism! On the other hand, there are two members here holding a grudge against the missionaries for something that happened a few transfers ago. A missionary asked to help a member quit smoking and the member took it the wrong way. She started spreading weird rumors about us. I feel like I am in JR high again. So we have spent more time than we would have liked trying to rebuild our relationship with said member. Oh well! Not everyone tries to be more christ like each day! Is what elder Gossel keeps saying.

This week we had a really cool experience! we met people from Bangladesh (yah I have no Idea how to spell that, plus I can't get these blasted internet café computers to spell check. The guy who runs this has so many random programs and some viruses. Please do not send any valuable info across the internet to me. It will likely get stolen!) Anyways, the Bangladesh people were sweet! They can speak in english so we communicated like that. They are here because the husband is somewhat important in the Bangladesh government and he is trying to escape Bangladesh rebels. He even showed us his music videos. Yes, he has multiple music videos of him and many other mostly naked indian ladies. A little weird but what else are you going to do with all that money? After we contacted them, in broken english they said " we make you indian food, you want come?" Both me and elder Gossel said "YEAH!" And trust me, that was some SPICY indian food! He made the BEST curry! And kept apologizing about it too! He kept saying "I find not the good indian spice here. When I find good indian spice I make Spicy curry for you". That curry was really hot. I don't know if I can do hotter curry! haha, I did manage to eat all of it....but at the cost of a few tears.

The missionary work has been going great! We spent all of saturday and sunday going door to door and found the coolest people! The first two people are this mom and daughter from africa! The daughter is half african and speaks near perfect French. They are the BOMB! After we gave our little pitch they were actually excited to hear our message! Not that I should be surprised, I just assumed they were muslim like most africans here. But yeah! We will see them in a few days and give them the first lesson! 

The third person we found actually contacted us...that either means someone is really good, or really crazy. Elder Gossel thinks he is crazy, I think he was just excited to see us! He contacted next to the local park. His first words "hey you, yes, I want to take your lessons or whatever you do" From they way he talked and knew the little details about every other church It sounded like he is searching for the true church! Although he was confusing up all of his apostles. He told us that his name was Saul....like the rock that christ will build his church on. I have hope that he will be a great new investigator. Elder Gossel thinks otherwise. I guess only time will tell!

Madame GIll is still progressing towards baptism. Slow and steady.

Norrick still hasn't gone to church. We may just kidnap him and bring him to church one day.

We played basketball this week! Half way through this sweet muslim guy, maybe thirty, asked if he could play! He wasn't very good at basketball but we got to introduce ourselves and our purpose to him! :D

I love you all! 
gardez le sourire! :P

Elder Keller

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