Monday, June 15, 2015

mission letter from June 15

So we had another lesson with Patrick Chambeau! We were sitting down
at his table and talking about life. He got an interesting surprise
scholarship opportunity and gets to stay in Rodez to do culinary
school instead of moving to toulouse! So we get to keep teaching him!
Then he said something like "Yeah, I used to really like wine but,
soon I wont be able to drink it" curious, I questioned him further
asking "why wont you be able to drink wine anymore" and his response
was "Oh, I cant announce why yet". He had been super smily ever since
we had walked into the door and It clicked. He is going to announce
that he is going to get baptized! We hadn't talked about the word of
wisdom but I knew he had been hanging out with one of the other
members in the ward; the two have actually become pretty close.
    I smiled really big and said that before he can announce anything he
needs to know that the baptismal font is always open on Saturdays. He
got this really confused look and said "But i wanted to be baptized
this Friday!" in an almost upset manner. I laughed pretty hard! HE
WANTS TO BE BAPTIZED! He served us some really good Martinican food
and we talked about all of the steps he needs to take before being
baptized. We made a little plan and fixed a goal to get baptized in
three to four weeks from now. He is not sure which weekend he wants
the baptism on :) But he wants to be baptized! I was super ecstatic!
My companion was a little confused because patrick wouldn't formally
say what he was going to announce. :) But when I told him that Patrick
want to get baptized he was pretty happy too!

Other than that, we have our last zone conference with President Roney
this week. Elder Pittsenbarger has been a fun companion! I look
forward to next week! loves.

Avec amour,
Elder Keller

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