Monday, June 8, 2015

Grant June 8th letter

Sent: Monday, June 8, 2015 9:31 AM
Subject: Colleague Changes

So, this transfer I lose Elder Gossel and receive Elder Pittsenbarger!
Elder Pittsenbarger is from Las Vegas! He likes baseball, lifting
weights, gambling, and his favorite color is red. Oh, I just asked him
if he has ever been gambling and he said that he has never been. But I
havent been with him long enough to know if he said that with his
poker face on or not.

This last week with Elder Gossel was interesting. Unfortunately we
spent a good amount of time not doing missionary work.....We needed to
let him pack, write letters to members, print off Swiss tickets which
are much more annoying to get then regular french train tickets, and
we had to fix the sink. Yes, while Elder Gossel was cutting his hair
he sat down on the sink and broke the entire thing off the
wall......Sooo we ran over to one of the members and borrowed some
supply tools. However,  in the white hand book it says not to handle
power tools Elder Gossel made an exception for fixing the sink.....

What time we did spend being missionaries we had another lesson with
Patrick Chambeau and WOW his lessons are so perfect! He told us that
he believes everything we have said is true and that he just needs
some time before he makes the decision to be baptized. On Saturday we
received a text message where he wrote "Jonas and Grant, I have
discovered something amazing, and I soon have much hope(Im sorry thats
just how it translates over from French) to join you three
brothers(the third brother is a member that he has become really good
friends with) in the truth!" and maybe this got us really excited but
I am super excited! I don't want to jinx anything(knock on wood(can
missionaries be superstitious?))  but I really think he could be
baptized this transfer!

Our other investigator that I could see getting baptized this transfer
if all goes well is Juliet. I dont think I have talked much about her
because she has just sort of sat in our member lessons with her sister
Joy. Joy was baptized a few years ago and her sister has been curious
ever since and we had our first lesson with her the other day and she
responded well to all the materiel that we gave her. We taught her the

Alor, voila qua, I am excited to be with Elder Pittsenbarger if I can
ever spell or pronounce his name right :)

Avec amour,
Elder Keller

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