Monday, June 1, 2015

Bonjour from Grant

Subject: Bonjour

    Hello, this week was good! We found a new investigator maybe three
weeks ago and this week he fed us dinner and drove us the Hour and a
half to church! He is from Martini, his name is Patrick! He is almost
deaf so during our lessons I get to type out everything we are saying
to him on my I pad because I have a keyboard! So we have ate some
AMAZING Island food and some really good lessons. We brought a member
with us to one of our lessons and he said "Patrick is going to be
baptized, its just a matter of when" and my companion completely
agrees. Patrick Loves JESUS! I know that sounds weird but he really
does! He has all sorts of pictures and little statues of him. So when
we gave him a brochure with Jesus on the Front he just loved looking
at all the pictures. In fact, I don't think he read it so much as he
just adored the Pictures. He understands really fast. We explain
something to him and he says "OHHHHH I get it...." and then reexplains
it to us :) And honestly Patrick is just the nicest guy!
    Anywho, Patrick drove us to church which was super nice of him! When
we got to church we took a couple minuets for each painting of Christ
on the walls of the church. When he met the other members he was just
so happy! During sacrament meeting I was typing away on my keyboard.
This past Sunday was mothers day and we learned that the reason
Patrick loves Jesus so much is because his mom taught him why he is
important in our lives. She passed away a while ago but he still has a
lot of fond memories of her. So when Elder Gossel bore his testimony
of Jesus, the gospel, and mothers Patrick was moved to tears.
    During second hour Patrick was super quiet. At the end of the hour he
looked to us and said "I felt something in that room. I really felt
something. I feel really peaceful!" I bore testimony to him that what
he felt was the spirt. That in the house of God we can feel that
peace. He got a big smile on his face after I said that. We walked in
silence to the Gospel Principles class. When we got there Elder Gossel
had invited one of the members to come sit in on the lesson. We taught
the Gospel of Jesus Christ which, is probably the easiest lesson to
transition into the baptismal invitation. And well, we did just that.
We challenged Patrick to baptism. He said he would be baptized if he
knew this church was true. His reason for not being 100percent sure is
that he has only known us for a week. And he wants to be 100percent
sure that it is what he needs to do in life! We were so excited! I
think, and these are just thoughts, if he keeps having 2 lessons a
week and coming to church every week he will probably be baptized
sometime next transfer.
    We are going to watch a movie tonight about the book of mormon with
most of the rest of the branch here in Rodez. I really am so happy
that we found Patrick! Elder Gossel keeps saying "he was prepared by
god for this branch!" haha so as long as we dont jinx anything we
should be good! :)

Sister Gill has been doing great too! We are going to see her tonight as well!

Honestly, Patrick has taken up most of our thoughts this week. hahaha

I have been doing well! Just cranking away down here. We still spend a
lot of time trying to reactivate less actives and contacting people on
the road. :)

Avec amour,
Elder Keller

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