Monday, June 29, 2015

June 29th letter

Patrick is doing wonderful! Thank you for asking. We moved the date a
week back to the 18. He is understanding everything and has accepted
the word of wisdom and the law of Chastity; so it looks like we got
two of the three biggies out of the way. Today we are going to talk
about tithing. So prayers that this will go well, not that we are
worried! Just that this lesson always brings interesting questions :)

We got contacted by a really cool new investigator the other day! Her
name is Cyndia, she is 29 years old and wants to learn english! We had
our first english lesson with her and someone we thought was her
boyfriend but turns out to just be a Pot (that means a person who you
are friends with and is like three years younger then you) During our
second English class she asked what we do! We explained that we were
missionaries and then we talked about all the fun stuff we do and
right after that her eyes got really big and she asked if our church
had a Choir! We said we were actually in the process of starting a
ward choir and she went and told us a ten minuet story about how she
was in a church choir and how she felt so awesome and just loved
it.....until the church told her she had to be baptized to continue
singing. So she left. She really wanted to come to church and learn
more about us! So while we we walked around town we discussed all
about Joseph smith and missionary life(she really wanted to be a nun
at one point in life for some reason)  and at the end of our second
meeting we fixed her a car ride to get to church! At the end of
meeting we met up with more of her friends and then she never came to
church. She said she slept in but we are worried that one of her
friends told her a bunch of anti doctrine. We will see. She was super
excited to get to know us so hopefully we can fix another meeting this
week. If not for church for english ;)

On saturday this week we went to eat at the branch presidents house.
He lives like forty minuets by car so we had the Albi Elders come up
and go with us to their house.
Well, the Albi Elders GPS didn't work so we drove around for 2 hours
until we showed up at the Branch presidents house. We ate quick and
left a quicker spiritual thought. Then helped him move some furniture.
We got home at 11! a half hour later then bedtime for us Elders so
waking up and having energy for church Sunday was not easy! hahaha But
all is well, We look forward to teaching Chambeau more and hopefully
Cyndia too!

Avec amour,

Elder Keller

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