Monday, June 22, 2015

Grant's letter June 22, 2015

Sent: Monday, June 22, 2015 8:37 AM
Subject: Bonjour

Hello, and welcome to another week of "Breaking Babalon" where elder Keller and his new companion have to try and contact French people in the middle of the biggest music festival of the year. That's right, this week Every city in France participated in a festival called "Fete de Music". Bands are asked to come, set up, and start playing in the middle of the city. They play all evening and late into the night. While the bands play all of the bars and pubs bring out Kegs of beer and set up little booths in the street to provide extra entertainment for the crowds. Yes there were fights, yes there were people throwing up, and yes It was really hard to sleep. wooo go france

Patrick is doing just awesome! We fixed his baptismal date for the 11 of July and have started the needed preparations to get him baptized!!!! AHHH its happening so fast! He really likes going to church and hanging out with the members. In fact the members have started inviting him to activities and helping him prepare for his baptism! Honestly I couldn't have asked for better members! We are a little behind on the lessons that he needs to be taught but we think we can crank through them soon. Plus one of the members has explained quiet a bit to him about some of the more sticky stuff like word of wisdom and tithing. Patrick really likes to make food for us! He made us one of the best Quiche! I think I have ever eaten (besides grandma's!!!!) and he makes us take his food home with us! haha He made a super good apple cake the other day too! oh, the benefits of teaching a chef in training!

Augustina Gill has been doing good too! She has been preparing to get her patriarchal blessing and going to the temple. She was asking questions about the gathering of Israel and who the 144000 were so we got to explain all that. Honestly, I didn't even know who the 144000 were until she asked. Probably a good question for grandpa Keller! 

So, other then trying to contact people while the music party was happening life has been pretty good. Just running around doing missionary work! Elder Pittsenbarger is interesting. He is Really into baseball. 

We haven't been teaching as much since elder gossel left and I dont know if that is because of the changing of companions or maybe just that we haven't been doing something right. Anyways, we will try and figure it out. France is still  a really exciting place even after 9 months. 

If you need anything or want to hear about anything let me know! 

Elder Keller

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