Monday, November 16, 2015

grant's letter

Sent: Monday, November 16, 2015 6:09 AM
Subject: Im sure you just want me to talk about terrorism.

    This week threw the mission a curve ball!  This
Saturday we woke up at 4:30 because President Brown sent everyone a
massive text explaining that we were not aloud to leave the apartment.
Later that day, while talking to members, we learned of the multiple
shootings and terrorist attacks. Its all really sad to think about.
    Overall our mission has changed. We must be inside by 6:00 o'clock
(sundown) every single day unless we are with a member. We are no
longer aloud on trains and subways(this seems more temporary though)
and we can no longer be around public gatherings or in any other
situation where there are lots of people. Its all really crazy to
think about. The whole culture of the mission is changing. We have
tried to be efficient in the apartment with all of our new found time
but its a struggle to stay on task and there really isn't much to do.
We have already called everyone in the area book. So I guess we will
start over? I don't know, we might try and have lessons over the
phone? We will see. Saturday Night President Brown sent us a text that
talked about not having fear and being strong and explained that one
way we can show our strength and our courage is by coming to church.
He then asked us to send this message to Every person in the area
book. We had three less actives and an old investigator come to
church! It was really cool! Our goal as a mission was to get two
hundred investigators to church this week; apparently, the mission has
never had more than two hundred investigators at church. We had two
hundred and eighteen as a mission. So that was really cool!
    Louis(last week I spelled it luis), is doing well. Elder Connell and
Elder Spencer, on exchange got to see Louis. They did the first half
of the plan of salvation. Normally we can get all the way through but
Elder Spencer said that Louis had a lot of honest questions about the
fall and stuff. It also didn't help that the member they brought LOVES
to teach. He honestly could talk for days but when he teaches he has
to explain EVERYTHING! So apparently Louis got to learn all about the
war in heaven and Elder Spencer says he thinks the member was quoting
lines from the temple videos...he wasn't sure though because we cant
go to the temple serving here in France. My companion took a video at
Louis house. Apparently Louis has a really nice BMW and a super rare
wolf dog thing!
    Miguel came to our second appointment this week a little drunk...He
has made progress and he keeps commitments. We may put him on the back
burner. Especially with the new time crunch.
    Lin! Lin is a funny little Vietnamese college student. We contacted
her our second week here but she went on vacation and didn't want to
meet with us until she finished finals. Anyways, she was really fun to

teach. Asians just see the world differently and I love it. She has a
Protestant friend that introduced her to Christianity and so when she
prays she says funny things. A good rendez vous, But im not sure how
interested she is i our religion. We will see.

    Anyways, that seems to be our week! Love you, stay away from terrorists.

Avec amour,
Elder Keller

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