Monday, November 30, 2015

letter from Grant - November 30, 2015

Sent: Monday, November 30, 2015 12:39 AM
Subject: Trip to Swiss!

Good Morning! We are going to run all around the mission this week and
we are currently putting on snow tires so my email time is getting cut
in half. Ill be writing right now and then sometime later in the
day...or tomorrow depending on how fast we can move out the Fribourg
elders. Also My new companion Elder Acheson is related to the Bob
Thomson family and Apparently they are cousins with my dad. Elder
Achesons mom figures out how closely related all of his companions
are. Yay genealogy.

Anywho, this week was interesting to say the least. We rarely do
missionary work but what we do allows all of the other missionaries to
do there job so I guess I cant complain. I learned some fun new things
about the France Lyon mission during our trip up to Swiss! There is an
old mission home, in a very wealthy neighborhood on the coast, in
swiss that the church bought in 1999 called Chambesy. President
Hinkley came and signed the papers for the purchase and told everyone
there that the church was never going to sell this property. The
church also got it for a super low price, Kinda cool! Its a good size
property(especially for Europe) that has two villas that sit facing
each other and a fountain that is placed in between the two villas.
The left villa currently has two sister teams of missionaries on the
bottom half of it and the top half is closed. It used to be the
mission office with the office elders on bottom but when President
Roney moved into the mission he moved head quarters down to Lyon. The
right Villa used to be where President lived. The bottom is just a
huge living quarters area and the top half is a massive kitchen and
dining room! It is a really sweet property!
    So we were up in Chambesy to clean out one of the garages. The church
is going to house a UN ambassador there so we were called up to clean
and move out all of the old furnishings. Probably the funniest moment
of moving stuff out was when we were moving an old Fridge from Swiss
to France across the border. A Swiss border patrol man asked us to
stop and asked us what we were doing with our fridge. My companion
looked at him and said "Its a French fridge". The border patrol man
looked left and then right and said "go, get that out of here!" haha
he was such a stereotypical swiss man we couldn't help but laugh at
the whole situation! (if you didnt get the joke its because swiss
hates everything not made in and by swiss people)
    We got home from our swiss adventures Friday evening in time to go
eat dinner with one of the many senior couples here in Lyon and our
investigator Gabriel who got baptized the day after! I got to teach
Gabriel a whopping TWO times before he got baptized! haha, he was
really prepared though! He came up from Nigeria into Spain and got
involved with gangs and drug trafficking. He said one night he
literally heard a voice tell him that he needs to change cities. So he
packed up and moved to France. While at the grocery store he saw some
missionaries walked up to them and asked if they would teach him about
Jesus chris; up to this point he had been Muslim. The missionaries
started teaching him last transfer and everything has been working out
great! Gabriel speaks like five languages including english(thats what
they speak in Nigeria) and talks to us like a gangster! He always
answers the phone saying "yo whats up my missionaries?" Gabriel is
really cool, I am glad that I was able to be there for his baptism.
    Church. A ward! I cannot tell you what its like to move from being in
a tiny struggling branch to a fully functioning ward! It is wonderful!
And there are three teams of missionaries in our ward! There are Four
wards in Lyon. Definitely the biggest city I have ever served in!
haha, the ward that I am in (the confluence ward) has had FIVE
baptisms in the last month and a half. Going to the class for new
members and investigators was ridiculous. We had over thirty people!
Lyon is just growing so fast! And there are a lot of stories of people
contacting the missionaries here in Lyon! Some missionaries have been
calling it the promised land! You litterally just walk out side and
find people to baptize. In some ways I'm kinda bummed that we have to
be driving all over the mission instead of just finding here in lyon
but who can complain with driving all over France and Swiss!

Well tires just got put on. Ill follow up with photos later in the day. LOVES!

Avec amour,
Elder Keller

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