Monday, November 23, 2015

letter from Grant - November 23, 2015

Sent: Monday, November 23, 2015 1:58 AM
Subject: Moving to Lyon

So I got transferred from Nimes. Kinda sad, Nimes was a really cute
city with good people. I am going to be an office Elder in Lyon. But
not just any office Elder! An office Elder that opens and closes
apartments. Two transfers ago the mission started downsizing the
amount of missionaries that she had and so President made a team of
missionaries to open and close apartments. We get to drive all around
the mission (including Swiss) and throw away old furniture or buy new
furnishings for apartments. As exciting as this all sounds we will
mostly doing missionary work. Which I am excited to work in Lyon! It
sounds like we will even have someone with a baptismal date for next
week! So thats pretty cool.

Other than that we had just a normal week. Trying to do missionary
work with an early curfew. We fixed a baptismal date for Anjes!! She
is scheduled for the twelfth of december. Its kinda sad that I wont be
there to see her but I am glad that she is so eager to hop in the
font! haha

Miguel is just being Miguel, he says he has been praying and asking
god if the Mormon is the way to go but he wont pray in front of
us....and he started telling us about the time he spent with the free
masons... I told Elder Connell to just put him on the back burner. He
still wants to see us and he really wants to read the Pearl of Grand
Price but unfortunately those are not so easy to get in French. And we
usually don't give them to people until after they have been baptized.
I don't know, we will see.

Louis, I called Louis last night to say good bye. He is doing really
well still! I hope he continues taking the lessons. I think I will
miss him most out of all of our investigators here in Nimes.

Overall, I really enjoyed Nimes. I learned how to free style rap from
Elder Connell. I learned how to speak like a southerner from Elder
Connell, and I learned how to love a whole district worth of
Missionaries! haha

Keep me posted on terrorist attacks and the such! We cant read the
news and stuff so we get left out pretty often.

Anywho, Love ya tons!

Elder Keller :)

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