Monday, December 21, 2015

letter from grant - December 21, 2015

Sent: Monday, December 21, 2015 9:13 AM
Subject: United Nations

So this office job sends us all over the mission and we get to meet
all sorts of awesome people! This week we went up to Geneva to move in
the 'UN couple'. They are the churches representatives for the United
Nations! They have a really cool job! We moved them into the Chambezy
home(a huge second mission house up in Geneva) so that they can host
other UN representatives and people of importance. And probably feed
the sisters in Geneva who literally live next door.(however we moved
the UN couple in so fast the sisters probably don't know they have
neighbors! ;)
    The move was long and exhausting but totally worth it! The UN couple
took us out to eat at a place called 'Chez mon cousin' and they bought
us all half a rotisserie chicken and unlimited potato wedges!  Super
good! We learned that he used to be a mission president and open up an
Entire mission! I think that opening up a ville would be hard but an
ENTIRE mission!? thats gotta be rough! He also played basketball and
made the Belgic all star team WHILE ON HIS MISSION! His companion
would teach lessons to the people in the stands while he played point
guard! haha, Apparently his district leader called him and told him
that he couldn't leave the country to play in some tournament.
    We had district meeting up in CHALON SUR SOANE! Which happens to be
my first ville that I ever served in! So that was really cool! I got
to see Luarant Joblot and the entire ducour family fed us dinner! It
was super cool to see them all again! And while I was there I saw a
video and out of all the possible videos I could have seen a member
showed us a video of Elder Perry(my trainer who trained me in Chalon)
proposing to his Girl Friend. If just seeing old faces wasn't enough!
    Anywho, we went finding in Chalon during district meeting. We played
a contacting game where each of us tried to talk about or do something
that related to us or our personality. I was asked to try and have a
'jump off' with a stranger on the street since out of all the many
things that my district knows about me(which isnt much since this is
my first time seeing all of them) is that I did high jump . And
surprisingly enough while we were contacting my companion told some
guy that we had just contacted that he wanted to know 'who could jump
higher'. So we had a jump off! haha
I love you all! I am excited to see you for christmas!
Avec amour
Elder Keller :)

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