Monday, December 28, 2015

grant letter - December 28, 2015

Sent: Monday, December 28, 2015 1:02 AM
Subject: Joyeux Noel!

This week was cram packed with fish, surprise movie runs, Carols, family,  and even a little bit of Mario! So sit back, relax, maybe grab yourself a beverage because this should be slightly better than an average Elder Keller email.

Monday was Pday. We ran around doing normal missionary things. Tuesday however was our first day of conference! Conference started at eleven so all of the elders in Lyon helped decorate the chapel! It was all very enjoyable. Then we got a call from the assistants! Turns out President was going to surprise us by letting us watch the lion king at the end of conference. HOwever, the american cd that they had didnt run in the French cd we got to drive into downtown Lyon and find a French version of the lion king. We found ourselves outside a Fenac. It just carries everything media and electronic. Basically yeah. I had no idea movies were so expensive. Anywho, once we had obtained the rare and highly treasured Lyon King we brought it over to the Lyon aquarium in downtown lyon where, unbeknownst to the rest of the mission was where we were going to hold our mission conference! So we got an early peek at all the fishes and the conference room! 
After all of that jazz we walked down to the Confluence! The Confluence is where the Rhone rive and the Saone river meet together. They are both huge rivers and so the Confluence is just the perfect place for two hundred some odd nineteen year old boys and girls with Jesus on their shirts. There was a huge park not far from the Confluence so 
while we waited for other buses of missionaries to come in we played frisbee, football, and soccer. I even met a missionary who is equal to my caliber of ultimate frisbee-ing. He played on Davis Highs team and actually taught me a throw or two. We had some fun times in those parks. Before we left President had asked each of us to stand at the point of the Confluence where the two rivers meet and spend a few minuets admiring the power of these two river merging together. It really is an amazing sight! I enjoyed seeing all of the water move around us. Reminded me of fly fishing with my dad. Oh, those days seem like they took place forever ago.
During conference President Brown let us run around the aquarium for a few minuets. It was fun? seeing all of those fish. Eventually we sat down and had conference. It was a good one. Our goal for December was to teach with a thousand different members. Which we blew out of the water. We hit a thousand and fifty with a week and a half left. It is cool however to see that setting simple mission goals inspires so many missionaries. No one told us that we were going to get a reward for it but just in setting the goal we put in more effort than we normally do. My favorite part of conference was when president talked about the Confluence. He talked about how when the Rhone and the Saone meet it is like when we work with members. Or when we work with genealogy. Essentially anytime we coordinate and effectively plan we focus our river of energy with another we only become stronger and more powerful. 
We finished our day by eating MasterTacos tacos. they are super good and missionaries literally keep the place in business. Whenever there is a conference of any kind in lyon all the missionaries go there afterwords. They make really good tacos! But not Mexican tacos, middle eastern tacos! Literally just chicken, beef, and cheese with lettuce/veggies and whatever sauces you want. They take all of that and put it into a Humungo tortilla where they fry the sides shut so there is no possible way this sucker comes undone! Super Tasty! 
Wednesday was day two of the mission conference. We had conference in the chappel that we had decorated yesterday. The first half of the conference we had different missionaries sing solos or play musical instruments. Good times! 
Thursday we received a referral! So we popped down to his house but he wasnt home...even though he told us he was. So we used that time to contact and we after about four conversations we ran into a martinican named Mario! He is curious with different churches so he let us spit off the retab. Oh, after a transfer of sitting in the car we were pretty rusty! haha. But he gave us his number and we fixed another lesson for Saturday! We slept over at the district leaders apartment with the rest of the district! So that was really exciting. We reenacted the nativity scene. It was pretty funny. And we went caroling in an old folks home. it was good to see all those old Frenchies. It was definitely worth the experience. I love seeing all of them so happy to see people. 
Friday was christmas so we got to sleep in for as long as we wanted. Then we opened presents! wahoo, we essentially were given a second P-day for Christmas. Closer to the end of the day Elder Acheson and I ran to the senior couples house and skyped. It is always good to see the family! :) Then we watched "wreck it ralph". That is a pretty funny movie! Good moral.
Saturday was highlighted with basketball with our recent convert and getting to have a second rendez-vous with Mario! He seems genuinely interested in every thing we have to say. He even writes all of the scripture references down to look them down later!
Anyways that seems to be our week. Love you! 

avec amour,
Elder Keller

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