Friday, December 4, 2015

Thanksgiving and other going ons : )

 We had a wonderful time in Idaho over Thanksgiving.  We stayed with Klint's family and had Thanksgiving dinner there with Grandma and Papa Keller.  We got our tails kicked in bowling by those Idaho Keller's, but it was a lot of fun.  We ate at Honkers - a favorite for Troy, saw a couple movies with cousins and grandparents, ate some more and just visited and relaxed.  It was a great holiday get-a-way!  Oh, we even bought some train making materials and made trains with Suzie, Jack and Max : )

 9 degrees at the gas stop.  Ethan was very happy he had brought his turtle costume to show the cousins, he slipped it on to stay extra cozy on the car ride home....
Ana got her braces off the last day in November, a happy day for us all! No more elastics floating around the house.

Troy got me some box tickets to the Jazz game, so I took my NYC girls.  They had a great time sitting on the front row!  Morgan and Calvin tagged a long and enjoyed the game too.  (Dec 4th). I was slightly disappointed that the bear didn't tease them at all!  Hahaha

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