Monday, December 7, 2015

letter from Grant Dec 7, 2015

Sent: Monday, December 7, 2015 9:58 AM
Subject: Three Thousand Bornes

So we did three thousand Bornes this week! A Borne is a road marker
that is used to mark every kilometer. So sometimes people say that
they did x amount of Bornes which means x amount of kilometers. So for
those of you who don't like math we drove three thousand kilometers!
We literally started in Lyon, headed up north into Switzerland, went
down to Avignon(south eastern part of France), crossed ALL the way
over to Mont de Marson(west coast right under Bordeux) completely
spanning the country of France and back again. Oh, was it a ride!

Monday and Tuesday we were in Switzerland moving the Elders in
Fribourg to there new apartment. We even took a stop at Ikea to buy
some needed furnishings. After spending some quality time in the way
to clean country of Swiss we started our Long drive down to Valance.
We picked up Valances used drier machine and hauled it up to
St.Etienne. St.Etienne is a cute little city about forty five minuets
out of lyon. The sisters apartment there actually caught on fire a
month or two ago so we have been salvaging odds and ends from there.
Anyways, the Valance apartment got a new set of elders so we took two
dressers that survived the fire from St.Etienne and brought them down
to Valance for the new elders there. We slept at Valance Tuesday and
Wednesday night. Those elders are one crazy bunch!

We drove over to Vitrolle and Thursday morning I did my legality (I
just need to renew my  year long visa) and we had zone conference in
Aix-en-Provence! It was quiet an enjoyable little time! haha We helped
the Avignon elders buy and build a new bunkbed.

We drove and to Carcasonne and stayed the night there. Carcassonne has
a beautiful castle! wow! We woke up early Friday morning and drove out
to Mont de Marsone. Elder Acheson actually served there so we did some
service and ate with the cute old couple that he baptized. We picked
up Mont de Marsones queen size mattress and headed up to Brive
Saturday morning to pick up their spare dressers. After much squishing
and sliding we finally managed to shut the trunk of our car with a
full queen size mattress and the dresser that we had took apart. The
Matress will be going to a senior couple in Gap and the dresser is
going in the Fribourg elders new appartment.

WE drove for six hours with all this junk (picture) in the back of the car!
 oh what a trip.  We finished Saturday night off helping the Chinese team
 in lyon with one of their activities.  

Anywho, I love you all! I hope you all are doing well and don't have

 to haul massive crazy objects over three thousand Bornes!

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