Monday, December 14, 2015

Letter from Grant Dec 14th

Sent: Monday, December 14, 2015 7:35 AM
Subject: Excitement in Geneva!

    This week was unfortunately not as cool as last week! haha In Fact it
was quiet a bit scarier.
    We started our week going up to Switzerland to finish moving in the
Fribourg elders. We got them started but this week we went up and
moved all of their stuff and bought the last couple things that they
needed. In short we took multiple trips back and forth from Geneva and
Fribourg. On Wednesday night  we planned to drive home to Lyon but we
got a call from one of the Geneva elders explaining that there were
currently two bombs somewhere in Geneva. Both of which the police were
trying to deactivate. So, we got to stay a third night in Geneva. We
knew that people had threatened the UN a few days earlier but of
course we didnt think anything would happen. Apparently one of the
members of the Spanish speaking ward in Geneva works for the police in
Geneva and so she was feeding the Spanish missionaries direct
information about what was going on. So far we have heard that the
police there found a bomb IN the police station, bomb making stuff in
the back of some truck, and then two in the metro. None of the bombs
have gone off fortunately! Go Geneva!
    We had weekly planning for the first time in three weeks. We felt
inspired to call someone from the potentials list and one of the old
investigators and we fixed two rondez-vous for tomorrow! haha, our
only free day for missionary work too! It was really cool to see the
lord provide for us.
    Saturday we took inventory of THE CAVE! The cave is where the mission
puts old and or spare furniture that is in good condition. However,
the cave is completely unorganized, like everything 19 year olds do,
and so no one really knows whats down there. So Elder Mahafee, one of
the senior couples in the office, assigned us to organize it and
document everything that we have. So we spent a few hours doing that.
We are about half way done now. Yeah office jobs. I can finally apply
all of the garage cleaning skills that my Father taught me when I was
    Sunday was fun, both of the sisters called in sick so we got to teach
the investigators/recent convert class for second hour. If you go onto
the mission website Sister Sweeny posted a picture of us teaching!
haha, we both look super lost and confused. Anyways, church was good.
Third hour was a little strange, the lesson was on stakes and their
roles. Unfortunately our stake president was there and people just
kept asking him questions about how the stake functions.
    Anywho, that sums up the week pretty easy. Im sorry we don't have any
investigators to write about yet. Well, I hope you all do well, have a
great week! :)

Avec amour,
Elder Keller

Found some roman ruins with some other elders

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