Tuesday, February 5, 2008

January has been a winter wonderland this year

By the time I get this figured out I'm sure there will be something more exciting to post on.

What a fun winter we have had so far! Morgan took to skiing like she was born with ski's on her feet. She sure loves to go fast! Her second day skiing she even went on a blue run with me (I was a little too impatient with the lines for the bunny hill). She had a couple tumbles, but got up and kept going 90 miles an hour. Needless to say, we did work on some turns, but she kept complaining that they slowed her down too much.
Grant is also doing well this year, we went back to ski's after a year of snowboarding and he has had a lot more success. He has a lot more control and is looking great! He tried a lot of new runs and even took a black run down on our last trip. His second time skiing this year he and a friend got stuck on some double black diamond run and so they took their ski's of and hiked back up to go down a different run. It took them over a hour and I think now he would be able to work his way down or at least try. I can't believe they didn't sink to their belly buttons! Ethan of course is very upset that he wasn't included in this years skiing activities and I've promised to let him learn next year. Maybe he'll like to go fast too and I can just enjoy following him and Morgan down the slopes.

We have had tons of snow this winter and so the kids have made snow forts and snowmen and have gone sledding a couple times on the golf course -- it's a fantastic hill until the snow gets blown away! With all this snow we have had tons of deer down in our yard. I even got to help heard three baby deer out the gate, because they couldn't get over the neighbors fence. Yes, this is what I do with my days!

Morgan really wants me to tell everyone that we were being silly and driving through shallow snowbanks that had been blown out into the road. Well, we were heading down a hill, so we picked up a little speed and saw the perfect spot -- about a foot of snow had been blown out, about three feet into the road. Of course everyone else was driving around it and so we decided we just had to go through it. As my front tire hit the snow it just sucked us right into the snow bank! I decided to tap my breaks to slow a little and see if we could turn out toward the road, but no, the snow was deep enough at that point that the front of the car came to a complete stop while the back continued to swing around and slam us into the snow bank : ). The snow was high enough that we couldn't open either of the driver side doors! Yes, we had to call Troy to come and pull us out. Well, that night we learned that the Jeep can pull the Pilot out of a very large snow bank, but not with a rope! Luckily, a couple stopped who happened to have a chain in the back of their truck that they let us borrow. Morgan couldn't decided if it was scary or fun. She went from waving at passing cars with her head out the window to saying, "We need to call 911!"


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TMK said...

Yes, the Jeep performed splendidly with it's little V6, but powerful low 4-wheel drive. We may need to invest in a chain..