Friday, February 29, 2008

This week's comings and goings:

Grant's Junior Jazz team had a rough one, losing about 35 to 20. Yes, I'm the coach. I yelled as loud as I could... We'll get 'em next week!

Morgan went to a birthday party tonight and came back with a monstrous kids make-up set. I foresee a lot of glamor happening tomorrow. I'd better warn Ethan to keep his distance if he wants to remain manly.

The ward relief society presidency was changed around--all except Carlin who remains as secretary. Their inaugural presidency meeting the other night went a good 3 hours.

Ethan prowled around the house most evenings this week trying to strike up a game of Pit. He loves that game.

I made the Priests watch Johnny Lingo for mutual--only one had ever seen it before, believe it or not.

Injury report: dad remains on crutches and generally helpless; Grant is hobbling with a sore arch in his foot--probably need to get that looked at; Morgan went to the doctor today for some ear weirdness and will go back to the specialist next week to look at the tubes that were put in last year; Ethan seems almost recovered from his cold; Carlin having more post-gall bladder fun with stomach stuff. At least Percy (our terrier) seems in tip-top shape.

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