Thursday, June 24, 2010

kids science camp

Last week the younger kids went to Science camp all week. They really had a lot of fun, even though it was from 9-3 for the week! Day 2 was crazy hat day and day 3 was crazy hair day. They made many inventions and everything they did was with recyclable products.

The older kids had to make a contraption that would allow vinegar to pour into some baking soda to make it fizz. No hands. Above is Morgans and below is Victors (Victor went fishing on Friday with the boys so he and Ethan aren't in any of the photos).

The girls Morgan worked with.

Ana's inventions were more decorations. The tissue box holding the heart and the witch in the background.
We asked if Tanya could go since Victor and Ethan were gonge and she had been very curious about what they were doing. They said it was fine. So Friday, Tanya attended with Morgan and she invented an amusement park ride, a type of farris wheel. Ana made a swing like ride (she really liked the swings at Lagoon that she was tall enough to ride this year).

Victor made a roller coaster type ride that the marble goes around and through. Ethans was sort of like a slide with a jump at the bottom so you go flying.

This was Morgan's group wall roller coaster. Below is Ana's groups roller coaster. They wanted to bring them home and I wouldn't let them, thus pictures of everything they did.

the drums the kids made.

these were the Cities the kids built.

These were the shelters they made the day the acid rain came.

Rockets they made, they launched during the week.

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