Monday, June 14, 2010

Lesli's family

We had Lesli's family stay with us last week. We had a lot of fun with the cousins around. Here we had a farewell dinner for Brady's family (Wednesday night) and they loaded up the moving van and headed to Montana Thursday. It's been fun having them live so close and get to know them better these past two years. Good Luck Montana Kellers.

The next day we met Lesli and Ryan at Lagoon (after basket ball camp, the older kids missed out because they had basketball and then went to help Brady load the moving van).

George and I got to hang out with baby Charlie while Morgan and Rylie rode music express and everyone else got to experience WICKED. It was a first for Lesli, Ryan, Isaac and ANA (yep she finally tall enough to hit all the big roller coasters).

Here's George and going for spin.

Morgan talked Rylie into riding the Colassal Fire Dragon, the first time she had her eyes closed, the second time she was super brave and kept them open. They both survived to tell about it.

The wicked crew.
Since Rylie rode Morgan's ride Morgan had to ride one of Rylie's favorite rides...
...she's looking a little anxious.

We then got hailed and rained upon and decided to head home to dry off and eat dinner. Then the older crew returned with Ryan to race through all rides again.
On Friday our cousins went to visit some other family and then we met up with them at the zoo. Once again the rains came and we decided to head to dryer ground and ended up at the Children's Museum at the Gateway. The kids had a blast, Carlin ran into a friend and talked adoption and Lesli and Ryan were beat after chasing kids around for three hours : ) That night Grant babysat so the adults could go to a movie and have some grown up time. Lesli and I ended up talking way to late into the night, next time we'll have to sit down. Saturday everyone just chilled for awhile and the kids played and played. We loved having them come visit and hope they'll be back sooner than later!

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