Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I'm having trouble uploading pics from the Moab trip... so I thought I'd post these and add to it later...

Tanya said this rock reminded her of a shoe, she begged and begged Troy to let her bring it home so she could paint it like a shoe. I have not seen the rock so my guess is he didn't let her bring it home. She is sooooo very obsessed with 5" heels that I won't let her wear. I guess she is a true Ukrainian through and through.

Hippo rock. I guess we need to take a trip to the zoo or watch disney's fantasia, because none of the Ukraine kids could see the hippo in the rock. They thought Troy was playing a joke on them.


Rita and Bruce said...

Troy, you are awesome! and brave to take four kids to Moab! I would guess they had a great time and they did all come home it one piece. xoxo

samsthree said...

That is beautiful. Your kids and the pictures.