Monday, June 14, 2010

Dutch Oven Cooking

We were over a ward/neighborhood activity Saturday. It was a dutch oven cook out, but with all the rain we got last week and on Saturday it ended up cancelled. We have never cooked dutch oven before and had bought lots of food to cook so we decided to go ahead and try two of the recipes. These were the end results of a Cherry Crisp and a Cheesy Chicken Veggie dish. As you will notice we didn't keep the coals hot enough and two hours later the dishes looked like the below pictures. We were all starving and so we threw them in the BBQ for 30 minutes and they became the pictures posted above. Oh, yeah we know how to cook! Ha, ha, ha. At least they both tasted really yummy and were totally devoured. Morgan went out to take pictures of them cooking and all I have are beautiful pictures of Iris'.

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