Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tiff's visit

Every 4-6 months we get to see Troy's baby sister, Tiffany, and her cute family. Sawyer comes down for doctor appointments at Shriners Hospital. This time I was so surprised to see these two social boys. Usually it would take Ruger, their oldest, a bit to warm up to us and then he'd let us play trains or something with him. But he recently got hearing aids and he is a different kid. Chatting constantly and hanging out with everyone, it was fun to see him so excited about everyone and everything. Even Sawyer was just fine with everyone and chatting away. He would hide behind his mom on other trips and this time he walked right into the room talking and checking out the dog. It was fun to see them so happy to come visit. Tiff as usual was just darling, even with her cold. And Tiff, don't tell Jason, but I think that is the chattiest (is that a word) I had ever seen/heard Jason. Glad they would come and stay, I've missed having friends and family come stay with us (everyone is afraid of us now that we have so many kids). The woman who lived in the shoe with all of the children she didn't know what to do (so she whipped them all soundly and sent them to bed or how ever it goes), probably would have benefitted from some company.

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Wendy said...

I feel that way too-only more so about visiting others. I feel like I'm bringing a herd and that we're so imposing. I don't know, we're only more than we were before but it seems like five it just over the top? Hope you can make it to lunch with the kids on Wednesday. It would be good to catch up!