Monday, August 2, 2010

Last week of July

Victor signed up for band in 6th grade and so we had him attend a two week band camp at school to make sure he liked it. He had picked the trumbone as his instrument and tada, he has loved it. He practices every day without me having to even ask. He's learned the basic notes and can play a couple simple songs already. Very exciting. Morgan is also in orchastra camp with her viola and last week Grant attended the jr. high schools basket ball camp. So a busy but successful week of camps at school. Tuesday we headed off to Lagoon with the Tufts. The girls hung out in the park while the boys spent the day at Lagoon-A-Beach. Fun times.
Wednesday we packed up so that when Troy arrived home from Brazil Thursday morning we could head off to Idaho for the yearly Keller Family Reunion.

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