Monday, August 2, 2010

Bear Lake

Game of Risk is a must, Ethan finally won Saturday morning.
I have the pictures backwards. The younger kids and I went up to Bear Lake in July and Troy and the older two came up a day later. But on Friday Grandpa brought up his boat and took everyone tubing, knee boarding, skiing, whatever they wanted. My mom and sister, with her kids, also came up so that made it even more fun.

Oh yeah, that is me... We had a boat as a kid and I learned to water ski, but never slalom. All my siblings learned, but on beautiful warm water in Lake Powell. Being the oldest, I never skied on beautiful warm water. My sister was determined to get me on one ski.... the results. One last run I put on two and popped right up. Maybe I'll go another 15 years before I put on skis again. hmmmm

Ethan was awesome, the only one of our kids to jump right into the freezing cold lake! He learned to knee board this year. Everyone wanted to give it a try after they heard about his awesomeness! Although Grant went for the wake board and did great.

Victor had to save Tanya for his lifesaving merit badge. Tanya was already in the water so we told her to swim out and to pretend she was drowning. We told Victor to jump in and help her and he started to put the ladder down. We said no you have to jump in (he was going to knee board next anyhow). He said no way it's cold I'm going down the ladder. After 3 minutes of arguing I mentioned she had probably already drowned (she had her life jacket on so there was no danger of her drowning). So Troy picked him up by the life vest and threw him in the water! Oh, he was not a happy camper! But after he caught his breath he swam out and saved his drowning sister.

Thursday someone brought this rock wall in and the kids thought it was the coolest thing. Anyone that could climb the easy side in less than 20 got a mountain dew. Victor did it like three times, thanks to Grant for paying for him. We paid for everyone to climb twice, then they were on their own.

Thursday with Troy and Grant there we spent half the day at the beach. Grant kept them all busy building castles and inlets. It was much more fun for everyone. I did sneak a little reading in.

This was our first day down at the beach playing. Troy, Grant and Tanya didn't come up until the next day. It was pretty windy and cold and the kids last about 30 minutes, but the mean mom that I am made them eat lunch down there and I stayed and read for a bit. Before the adoption my kids would play and swim in lake all day and I would read and build sand castles with them. Our adopted kids were always cold and didn't really like the beach, they wanted the pool. My reading days may be over. We packed and cleaned up and then went off to the pool.

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samsthree said...

Fun, I am jealous. Next year we need to do it when Mike is there.