Sunday, August 8, 2010

boating with friends

So Thursday we went boating with friends, one who has also adopted from the Ukraine. Her older girl gets along well with Tanya and it's been good for Tanya to have a friend. So Tanya saw Lena get up and water ski so she wanted to try. She popped right up the first time and of course I didn't get a picture. The next time this is what happened and so she didn't want to go again.

Morgan then tried and never quite got out of the water.
Victor and Ethan were riding in the boat and were freezing, even though it was a beautiful sunny day and they hadn't even gotten wet yet, my poor boys! Actually Ana and Victor get cold really easy. Victor has worn long sleeved shirts almost all summer long. They still eat a lot, but have gotten taller and so I don't think they have any fat on their bones to keep them warm.

Ana gave skiing a try. She also popped right up, but stayed crouched almost the entire time. She didn't want to let go of the rope so we just stopped when she started to look tired. She was hilarious to watch and so determined to do anything anyone else does.

Mary had some chocolate that was melting so she gave it to these two messy eaters! How do you get chocolate above your eyebrow?
Then the knee board came out

Victor loved riding in and out of the wake, Morgan liked it straight and mellow.

Lena wasn't going to be out done by a boy and headed right out of the wake when she got on the knee board.

Every time we stopped kids had to jump out and swim around in the lake.

Ethan and Ana both got to drive the boat pulling the kids on the banana.

swimming into shore for lunch

Our pet otter eating Victors lunch
Kids feeding the catfish that joined us for lunch

Banana time

It was a beautiful sunny day and I didn't put sun screen on my face and got fried.
After swimming for a bit Amy and Mary decided the kids needed a good ole game of king of the banana!

Grant getting it, don't mess with Amy


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Wendy said...

What a fun beautiful day!!

Amy Rast said...

The boating pictures are great. I am impressed with your camera skills. Add it to the list. I didn't know you were taking pictures of me or I would have drowned you too! You will have to show me the video of Mary's 360 or was it 335? LOL!

samsthree said...

Lots of fun. The water looks so inviting.

California Garners said...

Looks like a fun summer! I think my kids' summer fun ended shortly after you, Grant and Morgan left.