Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bear Lake - July 5-10th

I dropped Tanya off at BYU Basketball camp July 5th and then headed home to pack up the kids for our week at Bear Lake.  We had a wonderful time hanging out at the lake every day, except wednesday it rained a lot.  I actually read a book this trip and the kids got along really quite well, couple Ana issues : ) Nothing new especially this summer, she just constantly seems to be in trouble.  Poor thing.  Grant also taught the kids how to play Settlers of Cattan, so lots of settlers games going on.  Grant, Tricia and I stayed up every night until 1 am playing.  Troy and Tanya came up Friday night with the canoe.  So Saturday was spent fishing and paddling around in the canoe.

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Sherry said...

What a surprise Carlin! The only picture of you in this blog you sitting on the beach, feet in the sand & reading a book...ha! ha! Does life get any better than that? :) Looks like a great family trip!