Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Morgan's 12th birthday

 We bought a bag of limes for the kids to make limade... it was great entertainment for a couple hours.  They are definately harder to squeeze than lemons!
 Morgans been waiting for three months to turn 12 so that she could get her ears peirced.  She took a few good friends from school (the charter school, because she isn't going to go there this year) with her to Clairs to get her ears peirced.  After that we got ice cream and then went to see the Smurf movie.  It hasd a little more potty humor than the girls were expecting, but over all it was a great birthday party.  Her birthday was in July, but we had too many things going on and so we celebrated on August 11th!

 Friday Tanya headed up to hang out with Lena and Sara.  She said she had a great time.
 Morgan finishing up Volley ball camp!
Second picking from the garden, end of the beans and peas.  Yummy.


Wendy said...

Cute pierced ears! Happy Birthday Morgan.

Anonymous said...

she has very nice legs,has my pecker about to explode.

Anonymous said...

Bend her over to touch her toes, then I'll show her where the monster goes. In that tight little pussy? No bitch, this monster is going in your ass.