Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Girls trip to St. George

 Sunday July 31, Morgan attended her first Beehive Class!  And her cousins made her this super cute birthday card! What a lucky/blessed girl.
 We then packed up the Suburban and headed down to St. George, all the nieces were off to see The Little Mermaid at Tuacan (an outdoor theater).  It was a wonderful show and so perfect at the theater, all the characters were on heelies zooming around in the water.  Very fun, I wanted to say very cool, but it was very hot even at 9 pm with the sun down!

 We toured Brigham Youngs winter home and here Morgan was pretending to eat a pomegranate, too bad they weren't ripe yet.  But we did get to pick and eat some figs.  Olivia especially loved them and we had to pick up some more at Costco.

 St. George Temple, it's just so beautiful.

 We couldn't resist the water park by grandma's house... cooled us right off.

 We returned on Tuesday and Suzie had taken my boys to play up at her home, super kind of her.  I went up to fetch them and they were catching grasshoppers and dragon flies.

 Wednesday all the cousins came over to play out our house for a bit and the girls made up a detective story/play they put on.

 We made a stop up at our lot and were able to see the pump truck pouring the cement for our footings.  Yep, we've decided to build a house with seven (I know we are crazy, but yes, seven) bed rooms.  We've decided to separate all of the children and give them their own little box/room to be responsible for.  And, just in case I need them to sit in their room for a bit there will be no one to tease or poke and there won't be anyone elses things to break, destroy or fill with bugs and dirt.  We are all still learning about personal space and kindness!  yes, including me.

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samsthree said...

such a fun trip, lets do it again next year. Love seeing your house, so cool