Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Keller Family Reunion - first weekend in August

 Do you think they look ready for the 5 hour car ride?  Sure glad I wasn't a pioneer, living in a cabin this size with all these kids...  We arrived at the Family Reunion House in good shape, stopped at Tiffs to say Hi and deliver a washing machine.  The kids loved the bunk room.  14 bunk beds and enough blocks to build many forts.

The first night Ana and Ethan got the floor in our room, one behind the door and one in front.  Ana took a few pictures of the garage at the house.  It has been converted into a track of sorts.

 The next day we headed off to the sand dunes to ride ATV's and paddle around the lake.  The lake was perfect for little kids, I think the deepest spot we found was 3 feet deep.  Although there were leeches in the lake, but after a bit the kids started catching them and playing with them.

 That night we had the family talent show.  If I can find where the video went to ours I'll post it... it's somewhere on my computer, but new camera and so it uploaded to a different place...

 all 30 grandkids with grandma and grandpa

 Cute Charlie finally warmed up to me and we crashed tons of dominos.

 We stopped to feed some crazy big fish on our way to Yellowstone on Saturday.

 Could Troy be shrinking?  Then we realized with everyone standing there, the dirt was a good 4 inches less than the beginning mark on the post.  We stopped at Mesa falls, really beautiful and amazing!

 Pulled into the Yellowstone Park Visitor Center to get some times on the guisers in the park and for Troy to pick up a fishing lisence.  It's changed so much since I was a kid, all the paths are boardwalks now - I guess that is better than someone wandering off into a hot pot.  It was still just as amazing as I remembered as a kid.  Half the kids thought it was cool and half thought it was hot looking at hot water on a really hot day!  Oh, well they can all check it off of their list that they saw Old Faithful!

 We found a table to have lunch.  Half of us hoping not to see a bear and half of us a little disappointed we didn't see a bear.

 Another stop to feed more fish.  I didn't get any pictures, but we did stop for a couple hours for Troy to fish before we left the park.  This at the head of a river in Island Park.  Troy remembered there being a lot more fish than what we saw, but Ethan loved it.  He found a handful of grasshoppers to throw in for the fish to eat.

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samsthree said...

Looks like so much fun. That is a lot of kids. Love all the pics.