Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Colorado friends for a visit - last weekend in July

 hanging out at Cherry Hill on ortho day and all of our friends in braces : )  I finally updated and can now upload pictures at once, but these ended up oldest to newest, oh well.  I'm just happy to have figured out this quicker method, I may actually get through July this week and get caught up with August while we are still in the month of August!

 Diane and Valerie came and stayed with us in July.  Diane brought Nat out with her and Valerie had all her kids.  It was so wonderful to visit and hang out.  Nat and Eliza did Joy school with Morgan back in the day (when we were crazy young moms and did Joy school).  Since they were here on Morgan's birthday we had a little celebration with friends and cousins at Grandma's pool.  Very fun.

 Caroline taught me how to make microwave smores.... so yummy.  Who knew?  I'm discovering lots and lots of people already knew about this yummy secret! Below the girls were getting ready to perform a skit about beans.

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samsthree said...

love all the pictures. Happy bday morgan. Love Aunt Stacie