Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Eve

Brady's family was over for Christmas Eve. We ate a lot of food and the kids played. We decided last minute to try the nativity. Troy sent them off to find a constume while we found a shorten version (instead of reading it straight from the bible). Grant was the inn keeper, Tanya came back as a donkey (yes blue socks on ears are her donkey ears), Victor was the shepherds/wisemen, Morgan was the narrator, Whitney was Mary, Anna was the angel, Ethan was Joseph, Alyssa played a sheep, Aaron was our back ground man and Roger the cabage patch doll was baby Jesus
Santa then dropped PJs by and we said our goodbyes. We then opened our presents from Grandma and Grandpa Keller (I like to do our grandparent gifts on different nights so the kids know who gave them what for Christmas, it's a little too much to do it all on Christmas day and expect the kids to remember who gave them what. It has really worked well these last few years). This year everyone received an outfit and a magazine subscription from Grandma and Papa K. Thanks! We'll love them all year long. Then off to bed to see if Santa could find our house...

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