Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ward/Church Christmas Party

Tanya wasn't too excited to go to the Church Christmas party after being overwhelmed with the Church Halloween party so she opted to go to Grandma's house instead. Troy and I are over the parties so we don't really have the opt out choice. All the rest of our children participated in the program during dinner and did a wonderful job.

Grant read a scripture, Victor rang bells during a couple songs and did great, Morgan performed a song with the girls her age, Ethan sang a solo and Ana sang with all the primary. Everyone did a beautiful job. We had about 40 more people than we planned for, but that is a good thing, especially since we had the focus on Christ not Santa. In fact I was a little nervous since we were the first year not to have Santa come. All in all it seemed to be a success.

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Jen said...

Oh, what work! Looks like you pulled together a great party!