Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Percy started Thanksgiving off with a lovely turkey bone. I never let him have people food and this year gave in. He was probably in Heaven.

We had Troy's brothers family over and my sister's family and our adopted (not really because she was in her twenties when she joined the family ; ) sister's family come. So we had 22 people and it was noisy and loud and lots of fun. The kids just played and played downstairs, it was fun to have them all together.


Wendy said...

Cute pictures and what a great hostess you are! Much more traditional than ours!
Hey, never apologize for venting. What good are our lunches if we can't get some free therapy?
Hang in there Carlin!

Cherie said...

Hey Carlin,
Sounds like you all had a great, fun, and beautiful Thanksgiving! That's wonderful!
I saw your posting about your dog and feeding him table food, it caught my attention right away b/c my girlfriend is visiting here from NJ and always wants to give my dog table food (she feels bad like Snuggle's is not getting enough variety or something, lol), but every time she brings it up I have to remind her how my dog will quickly turn into an annoying scrounging, beggar. She's 5 lbs. and will literally jump straight up in the air over an over about 4 feet while you are eating. But when we don't feed her anything but her dog food and doggie snacks & treats she doesn't do that! So I think my friend might be sneaking her some human munchies b/c last saturday I was at my brothers house watching my nephew. My nephew was eating some dry cereal off of one of his baby sit & step however-many-in-1 activity center toys, and the next thing you know I find my dog just standing up onto it (the top is level with her head when she stood on her hind legs) and scarfing it down like shes starving! I couldn't believe it she knows much better! She was punished and then later I caught her doing it again! WOW! I mean she wasn't beggin when I or others were eating, but man she sure did wolf down that cereal! Haha. oh well, I guess she can be bad once & I mean ONCE in a while. LOL. My point is DON"T EVER GET INTO FEEDING YOUR DOG ANY HUMAN FOOD! you will live to regret it! But definitaly switch things up with their doggie snacks and treats! The funny thing is, you probably know all of this, but I thought I'd share my story with you since it reminded me of that when I saw this!
GLad to see all is going well! I LOVE And miss you so much! Let's get together! I can come there, make it easy! XOXO, Cherie (geez, I made this into a letter, lol)