Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Decorating the kids christmas tree

First week in December started off with decorating the tree, getting all the Christmas decorations out and putting a few lights up out front.

The kids (Ukraine kids) have never had a Christmas tree. Ana said they had one at the orphanage, but had never had celebrated Christmas before that. Ana has been so excited about Christmas! She has had tons of questions about Santa, Christmas trees, elves, candy, presents, etc. So when we started to get the tree out she was bouncing off the walls and being a great helper. All the kids enjoyed putting the ornaments on the tree and getting all of the Christmas decorations out.

Victor helped me put lights in the trees outside and they look great! I'll have to get a picture to post.


Wendy said...

Sweet! And what a perfect spot for the tree!
We're experiencing a lot of excitement too. Alex must be learning about other countries Christmas traditions as he keeps asking me if we fill up shoes that we leave on the porch or if a witch fly's around leaving presents?? He's totally into Santa but confused about all this other info.

Lori said...

Boy, am I missing everything about Christmas this year. Can't wait to get home. Cute pictures