Friday, December 18, 2009

Work Christmas Party

Yes here we are in a parking garage, but I thought I had better grab a picture while I was thinking about it. And I had to document Victors hair cut and the fohawk that he wanted to wear.

Troy's work had a family christmas party this year so we all did our hair and headed out Monday night to the dinner/party. Ana asked 100 times if she could eat a lot of Keek! We realized she was expecting there to be cake at the party and that is what she really wanted to eat. I think she believes all parties have cake. She was not disappointed for there was many different types of keek.

Ana has been dying to meet Santa Clause and she could hardly hold herself together when she saw that Santa was in the building. Tanya who doesn't believe in Santa was first in line and wouldn't let Ana go in front of her. We have had so many firsts this year and here are a few more.
First Christmas tree, first time putting up ornaments, first time shopping for Christmas gifts and wrapping gifts, first time seeing Santa and this will be our 2nd Christmas party.
Tanya asked for a field of horses that she saw. Whenever we try to talk to her about her emotions she just tells us she wants a horse or asks why we don't have a horse. We've tried to explain city ordinances... just doesn't' cut it.
Morgan asked for an Ipod.
Victor asked for an airplane.
Ana asked for everything Hannah Montana.

Ethan asked for . Grant wasn't there due to basket ball practice, but he's been asking for a new camera or an I-home.

Santa left presents for all the kids and this is the unwrapping of those presents. This is the excitement that Ana shows almost everyday about Christmas! It is precious! She has played with this barbie since Monday night.

Victor got this huge lego set and had it completely put together the next day.
Morgan received a barbie also, not quiet excited as Ana, but Tanya has played with Morgan and her barbie since she brought it home. HUGE STUFF. It's the first time Tanya has played dolls with Morgan or Ana. She will play next to them and copy them, but has never played with them. So this barbie is special in that she is helping Tanya learn how to play. Plus all three girls love to wash and color her hair.
Tanya got a gift card and still doesn't totally understand what it does, but I'm sure she will love it when we take her shopping.
Ethan got this awesome army tank. He had it out of it's box before we got home. When he's not playing with it it's up on the highest shelf so no one will touch it.

Thank you Huntsman for a Merry Pre Chirstmas and keek.


Valerie said...

Oh, Carlin--these pictures are priceless!! What an amazing Christmas full of firsts!

McKay Esplin said...

What a great party! Maybe equine therapy would be something to consider in the future?

Wendy said...

Sweet pictures!

Carol said...

Those pictures are so funny. I loved the pic of Tayna and the gift card. She seemed pretty excited for not knowing what it did! :) Merry Christmas!

samsthree said...

love it!

Lobos Family said...

It looks like you guys are set for a Merry Christmas. I hope it turns out that way. Katya seems excited but I am trying very hard not to have any expectations - that way it is not disappointing :)

Karen said...

Your family is an inspiration to us! You are so blessed and all six children are very, very lucky! May this be the most memorable and cherished Christmas thus far in your lives!