Monday, December 14, 2009

Last weeks snow and concert

Last week we got a lot of light and fluffy snow and the kids were very excited to go out and start shoveling while waiting for the bus. It was so light they could push it around with a broom. This weekend we picked up a few more snow shovels so that all the kids can help shovel the snow. I hope the newness doesn't wear off too soon, I might get away without having to shovel this winter : )

Morgan plucking her Viola and Victor singing in the 5th grade choir. Ethan and Ana's class sang The Night Before Christmas and it was too long to upload, but it was really cute and Ana kept up with the parts she knew. They all did a wonderful job!

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The Horlachers said...

You got a ton of snow! How fun. Your daughter is wearing shorts! (A little too excited for spring) :)

Love the updates. What a great family.