Monday, March 29, 2010

Arizona trip

Troy and I took off last weekend for a little R & R. We left as the kids were going to bed Wednesday night. Our 9 pm flight was a bit late due to some East Coast weather, so we didn't take off till 11pm. Thus getting to our destination around 1 am. The good thing about it was we didn't feel one bit guilty sleeping in until 10 am. Then we wandered around the resort and headed out for lunch. It was a bit chillier than I had anticipated so we ended up at a mall to pick up a sweater. Good purchase, I wore it every night and morning and when the wind picked up in the afternoon even though the temperatures were in the upper 70's.

Troy had some conference calls and so I headed out to the sun to read the afternoon away. That night we tried to go to Los Olivios, but there was a ball game and we couldn't find anywhere to park so we ended up at a little french restaurant. It was good, but our waiter forgot to put in our order so we waited 1 1/2 hours for our food. (Good thing Troy had his blackberry so he could keep tabs on some college basketball game).

We then stayed up way to late watching movies, which led to sleeping in again the next morning (well for me, Troy had another conference call). My work never called due to Grandma being such an attentive and spoiling babysitter. We did call home to check on everyone that night, but all was well. Tanya was amazing since the last time we left her with Grandma she did lots of crazy things like run away, hide, forget how to speak English for a week, etc. It sounded like her only regression was trying to clean the kids rooms, but Grandma reminded her those werent' her jobs and that's why we don't go into the other kids rooms. Tanya used go through everyones closets and fold and re-fold all of the clothes and put things away (hide things), oh those were stressful days.

So the next morning we headed out to McDowell Mountain Regional Park to see some wild flowers and cacti. Troy was armed with his binoculars, I with my camera and we headed off.

There were three older women on the trail in front of us and they came to a dead stop. This friendly little rattler struck at one of the women as they were walking past. They were incredibly lucky that she didn't get bit. They opted to turn around and go back. Troy of course goes around, leaving a good 6 feet between him and the snake. I then followed along taking pictures.

Troy doing a little work as usual while trekking through the cacti.

We returned with 2 minutes to spare for our spa package and then to lounge by the pool, nap and read. Again reading and movies were the highlight of the evening with a pizza to keep us company. We were tuckered out.

The women we met the day before told us we needed to drive up the Apache Trail and see the lakes. So Saturday morning we headed out, but due to the windy roads and 15 mph speed limit we didn't make it to the end. About half way we turned around and headed back. On our way back we saw some trails down to the river bed. If you know Troy the fly fisherman, we had to take a look even though it was low enough we knew there would be no fish. It did make for a nice walk.

For those who wondered what it would be like to watch a 40 year old man chase lizards... no, he has never out grown that natural instinct to try and grab a lizard running by.

The resort wasnt' bad, but they had a pretty laid back cleaning schedule. They came between 3:30-4:30 to clean the room every day and our first day Troy dropped some crackers in the elevator and there they sat until Sunday morning when we were checking out. Even food trays in the hall and food and towels by the pool didn't get picked up until 7pm every night. So don't know that we would stay there again even though the rooms were nice.

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samsthree said...

Looks like a good trip. Glad that you could take off and enjoy soem R & R. Grandma is a great babysitter. I am glad our kids didn't wear her out. Your pictures are beautiful.