Friday, March 5, 2010

basket ball

It was a crazy basketball week. Tuesday's game determined if they would go into the finals. Grant had a pretty good game and actually scored the winning point in the last two seconds of the game. It was great fun to be there and watch him have a good game. So they played again on Thursday and one again. Grant had a ton of rebounds and looked great. They won again and played on Friday. It was a team with a few huge ball players and I had been worried that Grant would be intimidated going up against them. So when we got to the school and he looked pale and acted funny I thought he was having some anxiety about the game. He wouldn't talk to me and Troy asked him how he was doing before the game and he just said he was tired. He didn't have the greatest game and just looked pale and weak. They lost the game and on our way home we got talking and Grant was just shaking and said he couldn't get warm. So when we got home I felt him and he was 102 degrees! We kept him on ibprofin and Saturday night he said his thoat hurt when the meds wore off. So off to insta care... yep he has strep. Poor kid was sick all day Friday, but didn't want to miss the game.

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samsthree said...

So proud of you Grant, but sorry you were so sick. Happy late Birthday!