Sunday, February 20, 2011

beach day

we went to the market to get towels for the beach

Morgan was really imbarasses to be in a swim suit once we got to the beach. All the kids were swimming in t-shirts and shorts. but she made the best of it. Here she is with Jaritza - they would try and teach each other english/spanish.

Morgan having lunch and chatting it up with kids, it's amazing how they communicate even though they don't speak each others language.

After the kids left to go home we headed down the beach to eat and Morgan and Orrin had a great time playing in some bigger waves.

catching sand crabs

Amy's dinner, mmmm mmmm good - actually it was yummy, just a bit scary to look at

the dog that shared Morgans dinner

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samsthree said...

What an amazing trip. One of these days I would love to go with you. Although Mike may not want me too. I would probably want to bring all the kids home with me. Morgan you are too cute.