Sunday, February 20, 2011


Before we left Leon, to spend a couple days on the beach, we went through the oldest church in Central America. It took over 100 years to build.

Most of the tour was on the roof so we could see all of Leon and the 17 volcanoes surrounding the city and the 14 churches in Leon.

On our way to the beach we stopped to hand out clothes, hygiene kits, sports equipment and candy to children and people we would see on the side of the road or in little villages.

Oh and baby kits.

We also stopped at some ruins along the way.

We also saw a cashew tree. The reddish orange fruit, that the nut grows from, they blend up with milk to make a fruity drink. The cashews are individually picked off the fruit and heated for the pod to open. There were people in the streets selling cashews - they cost about the same as buying them in America.

Mumbotumbo - I should probably look that up to make sure that is correct, but it was the big volcano that we always passed on our right when we were going to the orphanage.

Mary bought some fruit in the market, forgot the name, but here is the tree it grows on. It looks like big olives, but it's a fruit and they just bite it in half and eat it.

cashew and fruit - close up

We saw a lot of homes out of black tarps and corrugated tin. The weater was 89-93 degrees the entire trip, I couldn't imagine living in something like that in the heat!

The truck was packed, body to body, of men and children - they were getting out to work in the fields. There were a lot of sugar cane and banana fields.

Best of the pictures I tried to take out of the window of the brick yards. Huge fields where they would make/mix mud to make bricks. We saw a lot of cinder blocks, but most builds were made with these flat, red bricks. We passed fields of them drying in the sun.

I guess we wore her out

In the beginning we were always looking for the right size of clothes, but by the end of the trip we would just give everyone 4 or 5 items, they didn't seem to care they were just excited to get clothes.

our hotel on the beach

loved the hammocks!

beautiful sunset. We walked down the beach before dinner (sun sets at 6pm) and there we all these little fish that would come in with the tide. Morgan loved catching them. The bats also loved eating them.

full moon, looked just like the cover of Where the Wild Things Are

dessert first, that's my Morgan

We decided to sample every dessert. mmmmmmmm

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