Sunday, February 20, 2011

First day of school

It was the first day of school at the orphanage was on Wednesday. The kids received backpacks, pencils and notebooks. Broke a pinata and got out early. Sonia, one of the amazing people on our trip taught an English class to the older children after school and gave them books, she made, to help them learn English.

the school and basket ball hoop (yep, hand made). This field/court was all trees and bushes the week before we arrived. Can you believe they cleared it all by hand in just a few days!?!

Morgan and Orrin helped pass out bags with rulers, pencils, pencils sharpeners, etc. in them

After school we did some more crafts with the kids. But the moms were just as excited and just like on Monday, joined in making pillow cases, head bands, photo necklaces and melty beads.

These boys kept following Morgan around blowing her kisses. She about died and kept telling them adios, I don't think she could figure out any other way to ask them to go away! The girls sitting by Morgan all were making things for Orrin and would blow kisses too! Too funny, now I finally know how to embarrass Morgs.

the flowers and headbands were a big hit - way to go Kris, they were so darling on the girls!

Exchanging gifts. Orrin was such a good sport about the girls liking him and following him. He made little things to give to them.

Handing out some candy and gifts at the end of the day. It was the last day we would be at the orphanage and I was afraid if the kids got clingy (like the kids would in the Ukraine when we left) that I would get emotional. But there is such a feeling of contentment and kindness here. The kids were fine, saying thank you for the gifts and hugging everyone. Then they went about with their friends or picking up. There was so much more security and love it was actually really sweet to see. They did put each other down or take things from each other or from the littler children. They were really helpful and considerate of each other. There are definately kids that are more social or have more friends than other children, but they weren't mean to each other or afraid of each other or their teachers like we saw in the Ukraine. We had a couple sad girls and one that wanted to come home with us, but not the begging and saddness you would see when you left an orphanage in the Ukraine.

We were picking up and this boy, Jose, kept chasing morgan with spiders and bugs and she would run and scream and he would blow kisses and I think Morgan loved every minute of it, but of course she denied it.

On our drive back to our hotel. beautiful sunset and smoking volcano... not the first or last smoking volcano we would see on the trip.

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Wendy said...

I have loved all the pictures and commentary about your trip. What a fabulous experience!
That last picture is breath taking!