Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday and Monday

Sunday morning Morgan and I went on a tour, in the van with our driver as guide, of a couple parts of Granada. We saw the old train station (when Honduras purchased it the Nicaraguans tour up the ties to build their homes since it was no longer Nicaraguan property) that is no longer in use. Then we walked through this building that they are renovating. It used to be a prison, but now it's like a museum/gardens...

On our way back to the hotel

The blue building was our hotel in Granada. The Hotel Colonial. It was nice and clean. We got back and finished packing Morgan up. Kris and I ran out and did a little shopping while Morgan rested and then we said farewell. Morgan headed back home with Mary and my neighbors.

The rest of us then headed up to the top of the dormant volcano, Mombocho. I was trying to get a picture of the steep, stone paved switchbacks that got us to the top. On the way down our guide couldn't resist telling us about all the accidents and people killed driving back down the mountain.

These were vents in the ground or hot pockets that release steam/heat. I was amazed by all the ferns growing around these holes, they were a couple feet taller than me in some places.

tobacco fields and where I bought Troy some chocolate

We got up and headed of to ride the zip lines. We all kept saying Morgan would love this! She would have screamed the entire time, but she would have loved it. I even over came some of my fears of heights - a little bit.
There were some monkeys, no Amy is not a monkey - I just teased her because she had her baseball hat on inside her helmet. She is much cuter than any old monkey!

This was the part I didn't like - walking from tree to tree on these mesh bridges. The zip lines were great fun.

Key to going up side down was keeping your knees bent and together, here Sonia shows us perfect form. Hal and I were trying to keep ankles crossed and it just doesn't work, your legs fall backward. So knees together!
We had lunch here by this lake in a crater

Then we toured this pottery house and I bought my really cool, awesome lizard vase.

then we stopped at the market. This was the first thing we saw... chicken baskets - wow.

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