Friday, February 4, 2011

In the past week...

Yep, Troy was in a bit of pain when the block in his leg wore off after he had the cartilage replaced in his right knee Monday. He's been a bit neglected as I've been at the school all after noon and evening with the High schools musical. This is his lovely cpm machine that keeps his knee moving. Today he actually hobbled around the house a couple of times! Making progress. Good thing we have soooo many children to take care of him while I'm gone. He thinks he'll return to work around Tuesday... we'll see, it's been a bit more intense than he was expecting. He was up and about the day after he had his knee scoped last year and so this has been a bit more difficult being in bed all week.
Last week I made it to the end of one of Grant's basket ball games, first one this year. I know sooo sad. Big shout out to Odie, thanks for being the worlds best tutor last year and watching kids so I could go to basket ball games! This is all I have to show for this year. He is the blur off to the left.

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